Air thermometer has fast response

Electronic Tempearature Insturments, air thermometer

The Thermapen fast-response air thermometer from Electronic Temperature Instruments is described as an invaluable tool for quickly measuring air temperature in HVAC applications. Improvements in probe technology enable the Thermapen to measure temperature in less than three seconds. It can measure temperatures from -49.9°C to 299.9°C with 0.1 K resolution and an accuracy of ±0.4 K.

These instruments can be operated with one hand, rather than having to hold the instrument in one hand and the sensor or probe in the other.

Power is provided by two lithium batteries with a minimum life expectancy of 1500 h.

Each Thermapen comes with a UKAS traceable certification of calibration showing test results for each individual thermometer. price is £52, plus VAT and delivery.

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