Payments for renewable Heat receive a boost

Increases ranging from 50% to over 100% have been added to the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme to encourage householders to switch to renewable energy — especially those off the gas grid, where the most money on bills and carbon can be saved. The payment for ground-source heat pumps is now £2300 (previously £1250) and for air-source heat pumps £1300 (£850). Biomass boilers now receive £2000 (£950) and solar thermal £600 (£300).

Payments are conditional on a Green Deal assessment to help house-holders think about how renewable heat could fit in with energy-efficiency improvements and ensure they are advised on choosing the right technology. The additional voucher values are intended to reflect the cost of an assessment and the cost of getting these technologies installed.

Energy & Climate Change Minister Barker said, ‘Over 10 000 households have already taking advantage of money off renewable heating kits, and we want to see even more consumers stepping up to the plate and getting on board.’

The scheme was extended in March 2013 until the end of March 2014, ahead of the launch of a Renewable Heat Incentive for householders. Around £12 million is available.

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