Hamworthy Heating helps to upgrade hospitals in Surrey

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These Hamworthy Dorchester condensing water heaters at Molesey are just part of a major upgrade at over 20 hospitals in Surrey.

As part of a wide programme of upgrading heating and hot-water systems at over 20 sites, NHS Surrey has installed three Hamworthy Purewell VariHeat gas-fired condensing boilers and two Dorchester direct-fired condensing water heaters at the 20-bed Molesey Hospital. This hospital required a full plant-room refurbishment.

Gary White, programme manager at Surrey Primary Care Trust, explains, ‘As well as needing to replace plant that was coming to the end of its life, we were looking to lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions across all sites in line with the NHS carbon-reduction strategy for England.

The trust estates department wanted to standardise boilers and equipment across the different sites, and due to the diverse range of products that Hamworthy Heating offers, we were able to choose the most suited boiler and water heater for each application.’

Hugo Jimenez, senior mechanical designer with MCA Consulting, specified the equipment for Molesey Hospital. He says, ‘We chose to separate the heating and hot water for this application due to the 24/7 demand placed on the system and the requirement for critical hot water to get to temperature very quickly.

The three atmospheric boilers that were removed had a total output of 123 kW and a turndown ratio of 3:1. The two new fully modulating boilers have a total output of 140 kW, turndown ratio of 7:1 and seasonal efficiencies of 95%.

The two condensing water heaters have a total continuous output of 1260 l/h and thermal efficiencies of 98% — far exceeding the requirements of Part L. Each water heater has a top-to-bottom recirculation kit for operating during the legionella-protection cycle.

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