CHP helps meet London plan in new development

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CHP units supplied by SAV Systems for the Caspian Wharf development in east London supply heat for residents and electricity for landlord's areas.

Nine CHP units supplied by SAV Systems for several phases of the Caspian Wharf residential development in east London have a total output of 135 kW of electricity and 270 kW of heat. They are installed in three centralised plant rooms and will supply low-carbon heat to apartments and commercial units and electricity to landlord’s areas. These LoadTracker units were selected by MLM Consulting Engineers.

The largest energy centre has five LoadTracker CHP units and three 100 l thermal-storage vessels to serve the 289 apartments.

Colin Bowen, technical director with MLM explains, ‘The CHP was a key element in our energy plan for the development, helping us to reduce emissions and meet the local-authority requirements in compliance with the London Plan.

‘The CHP was designed to help meet heat loads while ensuring that all the power generated was used to meet the building’s parasitic loads, with no predicted export to the national grid.’

A key feature in the specification of LoadTracker units was their ability to modulate, matching the varying heat demand and ensuring that the electricity generated never exceeds demand.

SAV estimates that the annual output will be nearly 480 MWh of electricity and over 950 MWh of heat. CO2 emissions will be reduced by 113 t a year compared with mains electricity and using gas-fired boilers.

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