Zehnder radiant heating/ cooling system becomes part of the ceiling or wall

Zehnder, radiant heating, space heating, cooling

Zehnder’s Nestsystems radiant conditioning system for commercial and residential applications provides heating and cooling. The system is based on heating and cooling elements served by heated/chilled water and incorporated into a specially designed plasterboard that effectively replaces a standard panel and which can be fitted as part of the general construction of the building.

Nestsystems panels can be installed on ceilings or walls and have quick-fit connections for trouble-free installation. Once fitted, the surface is finished in the same way as ordinary plasterboard. The system is suitable for new-build and refurbishment projects.

Energy consumption is said to be 30 to 50% lower than standard radiant panels and other technologies such as fan-coil units.

The low flow temperature required for heating enables the system to be used with heat pumps and condensing boilers.

An optional control system is specifically designed to manage radiant conditioning systems.

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