Vortice provides fabulous homes with high-performance ventilation systems

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Energy-efficient ventilation for refurbishment and new build at Maryland College at Woburn in Bedfordshire to provide houses and apartments at is provided by Vortice heat-recovery systems. In a parkland setting overlooking rolling countryside, Maryland House was the philanthropic inspiration of the Duchess of Bedford, wife of the 11th Duke.

Maryland House now contains seven apartments, and there are also a number of other homes on the site.

Malcolm Law, technical manager with developer Kebbell Homes, said, ‘We put an enormous amount of effort into researching the best-possible products to produce the excellent SAP ratings achieved by our homes and were pleased to incorporate the Vortice HR400M heat-recovery system throughout the development.’

Vortice heat-recovery systems can achieve thermal efficiencies of over 90% and have excellent specific fan power. They extract air from wet rooms and recover heat into incoming fresh air.

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