Adding intelligence to a Glasgow school

Central control for buildings on a 300 acre school and community-centre site in Glasgow can be achieved from this touch screen that is part of a Schneider Electric T-BIS system.
One of the first schools to benefit from an intelligent system to integrate its services is the newly built St Benedict’s primary school and community centre in Glasgow. It uses Schneider Electric’s T-BIS system. The school is over 300 acres in size. It is an amalgamation of three former schools. By incorporating a community and family centre into the school, Glasgow City Council is able to fully utilise the building. The family centre is used until 9 p.m. each evening. It was Glasgow’s building-services contracts manager Robert Gordon who sought a system that would integrate all the building’s services. Having specified Schneider Electric’s Merlin Gerin and Square D branded electrical-distribution equipment for many years, he felt confident in implementing the T-BIS offer at St Benedict’s. The school has 15 classrooms, and there are also offices, meeting rooms, dining room, sports hall and gym. From a central control room just off the reception area, the facilities-management team can tell exactly what is happening in each area of the school, nursery and community centre. Using a single touch screen, the team can control all services at the touch of a button. For example, pumps and boilers can be turned on and off, and temperature adjusted. Merlin Gerin’s PowerLogic energy-metering system enables the energy consumed in various areas of the building to be determined. Areas where energy can be save can be identified and faults highlighted. The BMS is also web-enabled.
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