Trane develops chiller range for European markets

Trane has significantly expanded the range of chillers it offers in Europe with the introduction of five new systems. They cover cooling capacities from 20 to 14 000 kW and are available with advanced controls, innovative energy-efficiency technologies and acoustics features. Applications include all types of buildings and process cooling.

The RTHD range of water-cooled chillers has screw compressors with Tracer UC800 controller technologies. Cooling capacities range from 500 to 1500 kW.

Sintesis air-cooled liquid chillers have screw compressors and cooling capacities from 300 to 1500 kW. There are 11 combinations of efficiency and acoustic performance. Features include micro-channel condenser coil, patented flooded evaporator, EC fans and fan diffusers.

CenTraVac water-cooled centrifugal chillers have capacities from 2600 to 14 000 kW and are thus suited to large applications such as district cooling. They use an HFO refrigerant with very low global-warming potential. They have an ‘ice-making’ feature for enhanced cooling during peak demand.

Conquest (pictured) air-cooled heat pumps and chillers with scroll compressors have cooling capacities ranging from 20 to 165 kW. They are very quiet in operation.

Conquest small-capacity chillers (20 to 165 kW) are designed to be among the quietest systems available. They have scroll compressors.

Stealth air-cooled chillers (50 to 1050 kW) are claimed to have the lowest published sound levels for an air-cooled chiller in the HVAC industry. At the heart of the Stealth chiller’s performance is AdaptiSpeed technology — the integration of direct-drive specific-speed screw compress, permanent-magnet motors and Trane’s Adaptive Frequency drive. The Tracer UC800 provides the intelligence behind the Stealth chiller and features adaptive control algorithms that respond to a variety of conditions to maintain efficient chiller-plant operation.

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