Toshiba improves its Daiseikai system

Toshiba Air Conditioning, heat pump, VRF

Toshiba Air Conditioning’s premium Daiseikai 8 reverse-cycle air-conditioning system achieves an AAA+ energy rating for both heating and cooling. The high-wall units have a special quiet mode that enables them to operate down to 20 dB(A), equivalent to the ticking of a wrist watch in an otherwise quiet room.

The improvements in performance are achieved by a combination of technologies working in combination.

A new type of vector-controlled power inverter produces a smooth sine curve, enabling more efficient operation of the motor driving the compressor.

The twin rotary compressor works with a new design of 4-way valve, and a redesigned heat exchanger optimises thermodynamic efficiency in both cooling and heating modes. The arc-shaped heat exchanger is teamed up with a large helically shaped fan to improve air circulation and reduce noise.

Output can be precisely matched to demand, significantly reducing energy use at part- and low-load conditions.

Airflows can be controlled in 3D space with six pre-set patterns that include wide sweeps for overall cooling or heating and focused options for targeting hot or cool spots in a room.

Air passing through the unit is disinfected by a high-energy plasma generation systems. Fine particulate filters provide a second barrier to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants.

A self-cleaning function removes condensate on the evaporator coil after the unit has been switch off, leaving the unit dry.

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