Air-source heat pump is extremely quiet

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Elco UK’s Aerotop S air-source heat pump has noise emissions of just 46 dB(A) and is specifically designed to be installed within a property. There are five models from 5 to 15 kW, and they can achieve COPs of up to 4.77. Flow temperatures of up to 65°C can easily be achieved by using enhanced vapour injection (EVI) to inject evaporated coolant from the return flow directly into the compressor.

The 5, 7 and 9 kW models can also provide cooling through an underfloor circuit or convector units.

To minimise noise an aerodynamically fan is used which reduces noise levels by 2 dB(A) compared to standard fans. All components in the refrigeration circuit have anti-vibration mountings. The casing is insulated with 30 mm of sound-attenuating material.

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