Rinnai water heaters have built-in storage

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Rinnai’s Infinity Solo Re-Circulator water combines the technology of the company’s wall-mounted continuous-flow water heaters with a stainless-steel storage cylinder — all in one compact unit. These condensing water heaters have low NOx emissions.

There are two models, 35 and 54 kW, ensuring sites with a smaller gas meter can utilise such technologies. The larger model is described as a high-efficiency alternative to gas-fired storage appliances.

The stainless-steel cylinder is much lighter than glass-lined models, making transport and installation much easier. Heat loss is as low as 1.41 kWh/day (less than 6 W)

These water heaters are renewables ready and come pre-fitted with a coil for renewable energy. Renewable energy will be the primary source, with gas used to boost the water temperature as required.

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