Buro Happold wins Belfast arts-centre appointment

Buro Happold has been appointed environmental and building-services engineers for the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. This project aims to become the premier multi-disciplinary centre for community arts in Northern Ireland. The environmental aspects will consist of a major upgrade to the building fabric, the energy systems and the technical systems for the performing arts centre. Proposals include the extensive use of natural ventilation and daylighting in the proposed new dance studios and workshops and innovative natural-displacement solutions in the multi-use performance spaces. BREEAM will act as a driver for the design process.

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Heat pump market represents a colossal opportunity, says BESA

BESA’s head of technical Graeme Fox said the heat pump market represented “an absolutely colossal opportunity” for suitably qualified engineers but warned that the industry would have “to rapidly scale up capacity and needed considerable investment in additional skills to deliver all these hugely ambitious targets”.

Mitsubishi Electric launches modular R32 e-series chiller

Mitsubishi Electric has launched an R32 version of its popular e-series chillers, available in 150kW and 180kW units.