Toshiba’s design tool for air conditioning

Toshiba’s Design Airs design tool for air-conditioning systems enables consultants and contractors to quickly produce designs for all types of building — from small applications such as shops and restaurants up to multi-storey office blocks and retail parks.

Building on a basic floor plan, Design Airs enables designers to quickly create complete drawings for air conditioning spaces and whole buildings — including pipework and wiring schematics. Toshiba’s BIM-enabled icons can be incorporated for use in total building modelling.

An energy-modelling function indicates the likely power consumption during operation for a given level of load and intensity of building usage.

Limits for refrigerant leaks into occupied spaces are calculated in accordance with EN378.

A built-in intelligent design function assesses drafts for errors and potential problems, suggesting remedies before final designs are prepared for tender.

Users can add their own background images to customise designs for clients in relation to specific projects.

This program can be downloaded via the business-lounge technical-support tools section of the Toshiba web site. You will need to register.

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