Swegon’s Titanium range of energy-recovery units

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Swegon UK’s Titanium range of plug-and-play energy-recovery units offers flow rates from 0.24 to 4.25 m3/s and efficiencies of up to 96%. There are four variants (Flat, Global, Mural and Total). All models have an intelligent built-in control system that enables individual units to be monitored and adjusted remotely through a dedicated app or connect to a BMS via the Modbus protocol.

Titanium Flat is designed for ceiling voids with heights from 320 to 400 mm. These units have an aluminium counterflow heat exchanger, 100% bypass and high-efficiency centrifugal fans. Flow rates are from 0.125 to 0.6 m3/s.

The largest variant in the range is Titanium Total, which has a thermal wheel and offers flow rates up to 4.25 m3/s. Fans have an optimised impeller design.

Titanium Mural is a compact model with a counterflow heat exchanger. There are horizontal and vertical options with flow rates up to 0.3 m3/s for internal and external siting.

The Titanium Global provides flow rates o up to 1.8 m3/s. All models have a 96% efficient Eurovent-approved counterflow heat exchanger made of aluminium. These units have been tested in temperatures as low as -30°C and are available in left- or right-handed versions.

Finally, the Titanium GlobalUp has exhaust and inlet connections at the top of the unit and is available with flow rates up to 0.6 m3/s.

Optional components include external post-heating/cooling heat exchangers. Internal pre-heating is available on Flat and Global variants to avoid frost damage to the heat exchanger.

Titanium Global can be equipped with an internal post-heating system to offset the low temperatures in the heat exchanger.

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