Convection heaters are designed for large spaces

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Rinnai’s Energysaver fanned-convection powered-flue gas-fired space heaters have been designed for schools, community centres, libraries, conservatories, churches and other large enclosed spaces. They offer high efficiencies in operation and contribute to significantly reduced running costs.

The Energysaver 1004T has an output of 10.2 kW, with an efficiency of 96% under the guidance of Part L 2014, putting it in the top rank of space heaters in its class. Its dimensions are 670 x 930 x 315 mm.

Any number of these heaters can be controlled from a central timer.

They are enclosed in an LST (low surface temperature) casing. Warm air is delivered at floor level for greater comfort and coverage of even greater spaces.

Fully modulating burners can be powered by natural gas or LPG.

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