Star sets new benchmarks for ammonia air-cooled chiller packages

Star Refrigeration, chiller, ammonia

Star Refrigeration’s air-cooled Azanechiller has seasonal efficiency figures 50% higher than the requirement of the Eco-Design Directive and 20% higher than competing high-efficiency chillers. Its SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) for comfort cooling is 5.6.These chillers use ammonia, which is presented by Star Refrigeration as avoiding the uncertainty of synthetic F-gas refrigerants, having zero GWP, and being a future-proof solution that will deliver reliable cooling for at least 20 years.

Cooling capacities range from 200 to 1200 kW.

Energy-efficient design features include variable-speed reciprocating compressors, EC fans, close-approach evaporator design and in-house PLC software.

Each Azanechiller package is manufacturered, charged, commissioned and run tested at Star Refrigeration’s factory in Glasgow.

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