Manchester University provides a degree of heating control

Accommodation associated with the University of Manchester’s conference centre now has Chalmor TouchStat heating controllers to enable guests to control room heating outside of times when heating is provided by the BMS.
The second phase of applying Chalmor’s TouchStat heating controllers to optimise energy consumption at the University of Manchester involves residential accommodation for students and hotel accommodation associated with the university’s conference centre. On most days, the hotel rooms are not occupied for most of the day. However, to ensure delegates were comfortable whenever they were using these rooms, heating was kept on all day. To reduce this use of energy, TouchStat controllers are interfaced between the BMS and 500 W electric heaters in each room. The BMS maintains overall control of on/off periods, with the TouchStats providing fine tuning via a 2-stage heating program. Many conferences start early, so the BMS provides full heat (about 21°C) from 6 to 7 a.m., after which heat is provided throughout the day at a setback temperature of around 13°C. During this setback period, the TouchStat controller provides the room occupant with control of the heating. A single touch of the thermostat boosts the heat for an hour, and this can be repeated as often as needed. At 4 p.m., the room temperature is boosted by the BMS for an hour, reverting to setback until the heating is switched off in the early hours. The system has proved easy to use, and full guidance is provided in each room.
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