Upgrade work gives new life to fan-coil units

Some 160 fan-coil units in St Olaf House near London Bridge have been given a new lease of life following servicing and upgrading by Fan Coil Service.
As part of the refurbishment of St Olaf House near London Bridge, Fan Coil Service has serviced and upgraded over 160 fan-coil units. Fan Coil Service is the recently established servicing and preventive-maintenance arm of Ability Projects. These fan-coil units are vertical and horizontal Atholl units made in the late 1980s and long since out of production. The vertical units are in architectural cases around the perimeter of the 6-storey building. The horizontal units are in the ceiling void. The work involved cleaning all units and making and fitting new EU2 media filters. The original single/double shaft tap-wound motor fans were replaced with new double-inlet 4-pole ebm-papst fans with external-rotor motors. Multi-tapped 1.5 A transformers with speed switch were also fitted, enabling three speed settings to be selected from six available. In addition, the original Satchwell controllers and actuators were replaced with modern equivalents. Depending on their condition, each fan-coil unit took from 30 min to 3 h to service and upgrade. They were then all recommissioned by Fan Coil Service.
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