Interfacing apartments to central boiler plant

Wet central heating in apartments from central boiler plant can be provided using the Danfoss Redan Akva Lux range.
Developed to provide an interface between wet heating systems in apartments and central boiler plant, the Danfoss Redan Akva Lux range from Taconova can also provide instantaneous hot water. There is no need for separate water storage in the apartments served. These heat stations can provide up to 15 kW of heating and a DHW output from 41 to 54 kW, depending on the size of the plate heat exchanger. They are supplied fully assembled with all components to control heating and DHW. An ultrasonic heat meter and water meter can be added. The indirect-heating option comprises a heat exchanger and heating-circuit pump. The direct heating version includes differential-pressure control valves that are factory set to reduce commissioning time; these valves enable TRVs to operate efficiently. The delivery of DHW at a constant temperature is achieved using a temperature-compensated pressure-control valve (PT°C), which enables the flow temperature from the main boiler to be reduced to 60°C in the summer.
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