Continuous-flow water heaters meet demand accurately

Fasttflow water heaters from Andrews Water Heaters meet demand very accurately and are available for indoor and outdoor installation.
By measuring incoming water flow and temperature and modulating the burner, new water heaters from Andrews Water Heaters meet demand within ±1% accuracy. The Fasttflo range of wall-hung, balanced-flue, continuous-flow water heaters is available with outputs of 13 and 18 l/min, raised through 45 K. There are two models for indoor installation and two for outdoors, which do not require additional weather protection. There are no standby heat losses, and auto ignition contributes to an operating efficiency of 89%. Temperature can be set from 37 to 80°C. Because no water is stored, scaling is inhibited and the risk of legionella bacteria reduced. A remote controller allows external adjustment of flow temperature and proper operating and fault-diagnosis information. Heaters can be connected to meet larger demands. There is a quick-connect system for two heaters that requires only one remote controller and a quick-connect cord. Up to six heaters can be connected using a system controller that can regulate the circulation pump and change run and standby priority. External units do not require a flue, and there is a wide choice of flues for internal units, including a twin-pipe option. Unvented system kits are also available.
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