ACE reflects on a year of significant impact

A year on from ACE, the Association for Consultancy & Engineering, repositioning itself as the business association for the consultancy and engineering professions, outgoing chairman Desmond Scott believes it is making a real impact in the industry. Speaking at the association’s 2005 annual review, he said, ‘ACE is vibrant, dynamic and responsive and has a new strategic direction.’ Desmond Scott’s views were echoed by newly elected chairman Martin Nielsen. ‘I want to see ACE become the business association of choice for every consultancy and engineering firm working in the built and natural environment. The new ACE is better connected with our industry and more representative than ever, boosted by our recent acquisition of consultancies like URS Corporation and Parsons Brinkerhoff. ‘I hope to build on that success by increasing ACE’s focus on key issues like liability in the construction industry, where ACE will press for legal reform and the adoption of caps by clients. ‘Regionally, I want to see further growth of ACE to enable consultancy firms from across the UK to tap into our expertise. I also want ACE to grow its representation of consultancy firms from across the built and natural environment to increase the diversity of its membership base.’
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