Contract energy management delivers carbon savings

The recent opening of this energy-control bureau is helping to improve the energy performance of clients of GSH’s Energyplus service.
Carbon emissions have been reduced by over 10 500 t by GSH’s Energyplus contract-energy-management service over the last two years. The savings amount to over £1 million off the energy bills of clients. GSH guarantees a 5% reduction in consumption cost over the life of a contract, which is now operating at over 600 sites worldwide. Clients include IKEA, the Yates Group and ST&T. The service includes energy auditing, planned preventive maintenance and promoting energy awareness among occupants. An assessment is made of the environmental impact of new plant, and investment is made in energy-saving devices. GSH pays for the energy-saving plant and equipment, which is kept by the client at the end of the contract. Chris McLain, managing director of GSH Group Energy, says, ‘The end of the cheap-energy era has resulted in heightened demand from clients seeking guaranteed consumption savings and increased budget security. At the same time, Energyplus complements corporate-social-responsible policies and thus delivers both financial and environmental benefits.’
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