FETA looks beyond Brexit negotiations

Even before the Brexit negotiations formally got under way, FETA (Federation of Environmental Trade Associations) expressed its belief that in the post-EU landscape, trade associations can provide an even more vital line of communication with the rest of Europe and product design.

FETA’s chairman Graham Wright said at the association’s annual lunch, ‘Many products used in UK buildings are manufactured elsewhere in Europe, and to require different standards for the UK market would only add to manufacturing costs and, hence, the price.

‘We do not want to see consumers or businesses facing higher costs because our legislation does not keep in step with the rest of Europe. It is to everybody’s benefit this underlying philosophy is supported.’

Graham Wright explained that FETA had been present at many meeting of European committees and pan-European associations, all aiming to help shape the plethora of policies, directives and regulations that have an impact on the HVACR sector, now and in the future.

He said, ‘FETA and its members recognise the general good intentions behind them. The emphasis on sustainability and environmental issues is important for us and future generations. Energy-efficient products and buildings will help ensure we have security of energy supply in the years to come.’

Staying abreast of developments in legislation across the UK is seen as being very important to UK firms, and Graham Wright said, ‘ Trade associations are well placed to have a significant role in this. Having spent a long time establishing good relationships with technical committees in a number of fields, FETA is well place to maintain those connections.

‘Our objective post-Brexit is to ensure that member companies continue to have access to a flow of information on what is happening with regard to product design, refrigerant use, fan motors — or any of the other important technical issues that affect our manufacturer and installer memberships.’

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