Monodraught adds solar energy to light a power station

Bringing natural light into the control room of this power station are 16 Monodraught Sunpipes.
The requirement for electric lighting at a power station in Lincolnshire has been reduced following the installation of 16 Monodraught Sunpipes 530 mm in diameter. West Burton Power Station has a generating capacity of 2 GW, and the Sunpipes were installed to bring natural light into the control room, which operates 24 hours a day, to replace the need for electric light during the day. Following the success of these units, a further 12 of the same size are to be installed. Not only does the power station save energy, but it also improves the internal environment by providing natural light. The units installed at West Burton have diamond domes that catch sunlight from any angle, and the 96% reflectance of the mirror-finish tube that carries this light into the building maximises the benefit. This installation was particularly challenging since the control room operates 24 hours a day and has to be kept clean and free of dust. All the Sunpipes were installed above desking and control switchgear during the normal working day without interrupting operations.
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