Klima-Therm achieves higher EERs with Turbocor compressors

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Klima-Therm’s Circlemiser range of chillers incorporates Turbocor compressors and is ‘believed to be the most efficient dry-air-cooled chiller in the world’. Circlemiser delivers improvements of up to 15% on the company’s Turbomiser’s EER (Energy Efficiency Rating).

The key innovations behind this significant improvement in performance are the replacement of traditional flat coils by special cylindrical condensers and the use of flooded evaporators in a cascade system. By packing more active heat-exchange surface into a given space, the heat-exchange capacity of the cylindrical micro-channel condensers is increased by 45% compared to traditional condensers.

The cascade system with its flooded evaporators helps reduce the ∆T between evaporating temperature and the outlet temperature of the chilled water.

This increase in evaporation temperature further reduces energy consumption.

Comparing like-for-like performance of Circlemiser with standard air-cooled Turbomisers at AHRI/EUROVENT conditions, with the same number and model of compressors) demonstrates an increase in EER of up to 9.5% with one compressor and up to 15% with multiple compressors.

The highest EER achieved is 4.35, giving Circlemiser an equivalent efficiency to Turbomiser chillers with enhanced adiabatic evaporative systems (at 50% RH) but without the additional cost and complication of installation and maintenance associated with such systems.

Circlemiser chillers are available for R134a and HFO-1234ze, which has a very low global-warming potential.

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