Boosting the efficiency of ventilation units

Incorporating thermal wheels for maximum annual heat transfer, Eurex Energy’s RotOvex units deliver airflows up to 180 l/s.
Packaged ventilation units from Eurex Energy incorporate a thermal wheel to exchange energy between the two air streams. There are three models in the RotOvent series, offering airflows from 10 to 180 l/s. A thermal wheel was chosen in preference to a plate heat exchanger for its annual effectiveness rather than snapshot efficiency. Eurex explains that the efficiency of a plate heat exchanger is related to the temperature difference across it, whereas the efficiency of a thermal wheel is largely velocity dependent and hardly affected by differences of temperature. RotOvent units recover 79 to 84% of heat at all operational conditions. They come with EU7-rated bag filters and high-performance radial fans. The largest unit has the option of micro-processor control. These products are on the Energy Technology List and available ex-stock. A design and installation service is offered.
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