BESA launches Wellbeing Group to inform new Standard

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A new Health & Wellbeing Group has been established by BESA, with Nathan Wood of Farmwood M&E chairing. The new group has already been invited by BSI, EFT Consult and a group of like-minded industry bodies to help draft the UK’s first British Standard (PAS) for the health and wellbeing performance rating of commercial and domestic buildings.

Speaking to MBStv shortly after the launch of the group, Wood said: “This BESA Group is a follow-on from the Indoor Air Quality Group that was set up by BESA previously. The idea is that we are going to work with BSI. We have brought together key people with a skillset in different areas around wellbeing.” Commercial sponsors are also sought for the Standard to finance its production and the Group will assist EFT Consult in this activity.

Currently, UK building performance tends to be measured in terms of energy efficiency, but with growing concern around links between poor ventilation and rising cases of asthma and the impact of poor lighting on mental health among other issues, the Association felt there was a pressing need for something more focussed on how buildings influence wider quality of life.

The work was inspired by ground-breaking legislation passed by the Welsh Government.

The ‘Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015’ was the first of its type in the world and set out to improve social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being, encouraging organisations to think more about the long-term effect of their work on the generations of people who will occupy their buildings.

Nathan Wood took part in our round table discussion on smart buildings this month, sponsored by Swegon. Click here

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