Evaporative cooling delivers comfort in mail-order centre

A cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning for the picking and packing halls of Redcats (UK) is provided by 27 Breezair TBA evaporative coolers.
A total of 27 evaporative coolers have been installed in the picking and packing halls of Redcats (UK) to reduce excessively high temperatures in the summer. They provide the 240 employees in the two halls of this mail-order division of French-based Pinault-Printemps-Redout with a more comfortable working environment. These Breezair TBA coolers were supplied by Seeley International (Europe) and installed by CoSaf Environments. The work was carried out as three separate projects. The initial phase provided cooling to the picking hall. It involved installing 15 Breezair coolers on the roof, with internal vents strategically placed to inject fresh, cool air to an area of 6400 m2. Following the success of this phase, Redcats asked CoSaf to investigate installing more coolers in the packing hall. The packing hall comprises two concrete floors. The upper level suffered overheating during spring, summer and autumn. Despite natural air extraction on the upper level, rising heat caused high temperatures and uncomfortable working conditions. To overcome this problem, CoSaf installed eight Breezair evaporative coolers on the roof of the packing hall. Air is distributed from these coolers via ductwork to diffusers in the packing area.. To complete the project, four Breezair coolers were installed to provide cooling to a raised platform area accommodating the sorters’ induction stations. There was previously very little air movement in this area. Jim Mosley, project manager at Redcats, explains, ‘We considered air conditioning, but the price was prohibitive, the size of the area was impractical, and the noise and the energy consumption would have had a detrimental effect to the environment and surrounding residents. Breezair evaporative cooling provides cooled fresh air as well as natural ventilation. In addition to being cost effective, quick and easy to install and low maintenance, it is also environmentally friendly.’
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