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Space Cooling
A year on from a management buyout of contractor Space Cooling Systems that saw (from left) John Hollingdale, Rick Taylor and Barry Stevenson become majority shareholders, the company has announced a record turnover.
Following a record turnover of £75 million in its first year of operation since a management buyout, Space Cooling Systems has changed its name and brand image — following growth into other sectors, notably mechanical and electrical. The move aims to build on the company’s success as a refrigeration and air-conditioning contractor. The company is now known simply as Space. Director Rick Taylor explains, ‘We wanted to make sure that everyone knows that we offer more than just refrigeration and air conditioning. Many of our customers and suppliers already know us as Space, and this formal change recognises our skills in other areas, in particular mechanical and electrical services, both areas in which we have grown significantly over the past few years. ‘It is an exciting time for us. It is the anniversary of the change of ownership, and we have seen significant growth which has exceeded expectations.’ Over the past few years, Space has built up a substantial customer base in the commercial sector. It includes major construction companies and consultants, high-street retailer and local authorities. Many leading supermarkets are customers, and Space also works for a number of large food producers and manufacturers. One of the largest commercial projects to date is a new school in Cornwall, for which Space the contractor for all mechanical services. Over the last five years Space has delivered: • 600 mechanical-and-electrical projects; • 250 industrial projects, combining heating, cooling and other services; • 2200 retail refrigeration projects. Space was principal contractor on a number of these projects. The company’s head office is in Bristol, with a network of regional offices. Space employs over 350 people, including a team of about 200 engineers servicing over a thousand site across the UK. Three more offices are to be opened in the North of England and the Midlands following the award of contracts for 345 stores in these areas.
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