Maxxflo water heater in a smaller size

The Maxxflo condensing storage water heater is now available with 100 l of storage.
Andrews has introduced a smaller version of its Maxxflo condensing storage water heater. The new model has a 100 l storage tank, an output of 30 kW, recovery time of 12 minutes and achieves a net efficiency of 109%. Storage tanks and heat exchangers are of stainless steel. The pre-mix burner has a 5:1 turndown ratio. The primary return to the burner module is from the bottom of the tank, so that up to 80% of the tank volume can be heated in condensing mode. Maxxflo can be used with natural gas or propane as a room-sealed balanced flue or conventionally flued with horizontal or vertical concentric flues. Flue runs can be up to 14 m in room-sealed installations or up to 50 m with a conventional flue.
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