Plate heat exchangers provide key to safe hot water for hospital

As part of a continuing process of upgrading domestic-hot-water services to avoid the storage of hot water and counter the risk of legionella., Nottingham City Hospitals NHS Trust has been installing a solution based on Stokvis Econoplate plate heat exchangers. The work has been carried out under the direction of the property services maintenance department, concentrating on the main hospital’s extensive site in the north of the city. Five Econoplate plate heat exchangers have been installed to provide DHW in various situations. The local property services area manager Susan Spur explains, ‘We began a couple of years ago by bringing the Victoria and Winifred plant room up to date then, more recently, the children’s centre and are now planning other departments. Because there is no stored water, insurers do not require the new systems to be stripped down for annual inspection. Nottingham City Hospital has centralised coal-fired steam-generating plant distributed around the site, although decentralisation is part of the modernisation strategy.
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