Clyde Combustions moves into energy solutions

Following the acquisition of Clyde Combustions at the beginning of the year, the new management team has changed the name to Clyde Energy Systems — with a broader range of products and services. From the right are Jeremy Arliss, Peter Kemp and Steven Laws.
Clyde Combustions has revamped itself as Clyde Energy Solutions — and defined a new approach and expanded its range of products and services. The changes follow a buyout in January, when the existing management team of Jeremy Arliss, Peter Kemp and Steven Laws acquired the business from the Hopkins family, its owners for the previous 86 years. The new company plans to grow its business by expanding its existing product offerings and also expanding into sustainable-energy systems. Clyde Energy Solutions now operates in six business streams: boilers; radiators; hot water; sustainable energy; technical services and consulting. As well as an air-source heat pump to generate domestic hot water Clyde also offers geothermal energy solutions for large- or small-scale installations. The company can provide feasibility studies for geothermal projects and carry out energy-performance audits on buildings and advise on ways to reduce energy usage. Jeremy Arliss summarises, ‘We are offering new products and services that reflect the need of today’s market and backing that up with the expertise, technical support and service that means we can truly claim to offer energy solutions.’
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