Ledaire supplies extract hoods for hospital catering and mortuary

Cooker hood
Ledaire’s kitchen hoods now incorporate the Ansul-102 fire-suppression system, which takes just 30 seconds to sense a fire, activate a valve to shut off the power and release its fire suppressant into the ducting and over the equipment.
Among a range of extract hoods supplied and installed by Ledaire Fabrications for a large new hospital on the Isle of Man is one measuring a massive 8 by 3.5 m. It serves the main catering area where frozen meals are prepared. Others are installed in cafeterias and restaurants and the mortuary. Ledaire worked as a sales contractor to Rotary Services, the leading mechanical and electrical engineering contractor. The large hood is of the induction type and provides for both the supply and extract of air, being linked to one of the building’s air-handling units. It has mesh grease filters and recessed lights, as do all the other hoods. A special service spline is fitted alongside the main hood, accommodating all gas, water and electric services. It also incorporates vent pipes for the gas, as well as access covers for maintenance. ledaire@btclick.com www.ledaire.com
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