Traditional radiators heat school for modern dance

In keeping with the style of a Victorian house that forms part of a modern-dance school are cast-iron radiators supplied by Clyde Energy Systems.
Traditional cast-iron radiators have been supplied by Clyde Energy Solutions for the refurbishment of a Victorian house that is part of the Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance. It is the largest modern-dance company and has moved to Twickenham, where studios, library and other departments have been developed close to the Thames around a converted church and Clifton Lodge, the Victorian house. Three models of radiator were selected from the extensive FKR range. Bob Costello of consultants Bob Costello & Associates explained that these radiators were specified for the refurbishment of Clifton Lodge because their styling is in keeping with the overall style of the building. They were installed by MBM Services. The 29 radiators include models that are two, four and six columns deep. FKR radiators are designed for open-vented and sealed heating systems. They have a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar and deliver from 43 to 202 W per section, according to size. Radiators can comprise four to 30 sections. They are supplied with a primer coat for paint finishing on site.
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