Contractors’ associations set energy-efficiency example

Esca house
Setting an example — a programme of energy-saving measures is being implemented at Esca House in London, jointly owned by the Heating & Ventilating Contractors’ Association and the Electrical Contractors’ Association.
Setting an example for its recently published ‘Agenda for action on sustainability’, the Heating & Ventilating Contractors’ Association has teamed up with the Electrical Contractors’ Association to reduce the carbon footprint of Esca House, their jointly owned office in west London. The initiative follows the involvement of both associations in CIBSE’s 100 days of carbon clean-up campaign last year, aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 10 to 15%. Robert Higgs, chief executive of HVCA, explains, ‘Our recently published “Agenda for auction on sustainability” aims to position our members to gain commercial advantage by being recognised as experts in zero-carbon technologies. It is appropriate, therefore, that we should — quite literally — put out own house in order, and so be in a position to lead by example.’. Among energy-saving measures also being introduced are high-frequency lighting fittings in the general office space and motion detectors to automatically switch off lights when corridors and toilets are not occupied. Programmable thermostats have been installed to turn off the HVAC system when the premises are not in use. Timers on coffee machines ensure they only operate during office hours. A custom-built mechanical-services panel now controls boilers, pumps, fans and valves. The next raft of measures includes further secondary glazing to reduce solar gain and heat loss in areas not already covered. There will also be extra insulation for ceilings, cavity walls, water heaters and supply pipes. Optical light sensors are to be installed in perimeter offices, and new IT equipment will have enhanced energy performance.
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