Presenting the case for air-source heat pumps

Air-source heat pumps are more appropriate for replacing central-heating boilers in residential applications than ground-source heat pumps — according to Space Air
A strong demand for air-source heat pumps designed principally for space/water heating is predicted by Space Air, which distributes Daikin products. The company reports a significant increase in enquiries for ground-source heat pumps, but tells us that the nature of these enquiries indicates only a basic awareness of the implications of considering this technology for commercial and residential applications. There is also said to be little or no understanding of the costs of associated ground works and practical difficulties. Space Air argues that air-source heat pumps can offer significant advantages over ground-source and that they have been sold in much larger numbers worldwide — thereby benefit from greater investment so that their technology is much further advanced than ground-source alternatives. Because air-source heat pumps do not require expensive, disruptive and space-consuming ground works, they are substantially cheaper and easier to install. Space Air distributes Daikin’s extensive range of heat pumps and regards itself as having responsibility to help customers decide what is the most practical, energy efficient and cost-effective solution. Air-source, air-to-water heat pumps are designed principally as an alternative to boilers for space and water heating. In some cases, no refrigerant pipework is involved, so that they do not need to be installed by refrigeration or air-conditioning specialists — which should appeal to the heating and plumbing industries. Their installation basically involves connecting a single-phase power supply to the external air-to-water heat pump and connecting the central-heating pipework in the same way as a conventional boiler. Daikin air-source heat pumps qualify for reduced VAT in residential applications, and it is expected that by April 2007 under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, all types of heat pumps for space/water heating in residential applications will be able to benefit from grant aid.
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