Danish heating and DHW technology comes to UK

Bringing innovative hot-water solutions to the UK — Michael Kaare Jenson (left), market development director with Danfoss District Heating Division, and Lars Fabricus, managing director of SAV Modules team up to bring the AquaCon series of heat-exchange modules to the UK.
Danfoss and SAV Modules have teamed up to market the AquaCon series of heat-exchange modules to deliver heating and hot water to apartments and other applications using energy from central plant. These heat-exchanger modules use technology developed by the district-heating division of Danfoss A/S. Aquacon delivers heat and hot water only when needed, thereby eliminating standing losses. Return temperatures are also very low. Because hot water is generated only when needed, there is no need for a separate storage cylinder or calorifier. Models are available for direct and indirect systems, and systems can be metered for flow and energy. In the direct application, hot water from the central plant is distributed straight to the unit served by the AquaCon module. Indirect versions have a second heat-exchange module to provide an interface between the hot-water supply from the boiler and the circuit in the apartment, so that heat is drawn efficiently from the central plant while maintaining a sealed system in the individual apartment. When hot water is required for a tap or shower, the entire output is diverted to generating this hot water. So efficient is the heat exchanger that with incoming cold water at 10°C and a flow from the central plant of 80°C, the return is 15°C. AquaCon modules are available in sizes from 35 to 220 kW and can provide flows from 12.5 to 32.3 l/min.
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