GAH delivers efficient electric heating and hot water

Efficient heating with low installation and maintenance costs is provided by GAH Heating’s Electrastream electric boilers.
Electric boilers from GAH Heating provide outputs of up to 9 kW for central heating and hot water. Electrastream and Electrastream Plus boilers can operate with traditional wet heating systems and underfloor wet systems. This approach to heating is far more controllable than traditional storage heaters and is suitable for all tariffs — Economy 7, 10 and 18 (where available). Graham Gooch, sales director of GAH Heating, believes that installers already recognise some of the benefits of electric heating, including low installation and service costs but that there is a common misconception that electric heating is disadvantaged when weighting it compared to other fuels. ‘SAP calculations might discourage specifiers from using electric heating, but new regulations mean they just have to be more creative when designing a system or dwelling. Using electricity has many advantages over using gas, especially for new build.’ Standing losses are very low — at, for example, 1.7 kWh for the Electrastream 125 over 24 h at 60°C. There is also no need for annual safety checks or CORGI certificates over and above a normal unvented-cylinder service.
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