Oventrop takes control of renewable energy

The control of three solar thermal systems for providing domestic hot water in this private care home in Essex is provided by Oventrop Regusol transmission stations (inset).
Oventrop Regusol transmission stations have been installed to control three solar thermal systems at a new private care home for the elderly at Stratford St Mary in Essex. Three separate solar systems were designed and installed by Solar Panel Systems of Beverley at Blackbrook House, which has 40 bedrooms, with an application to extend to 60. The solar systems have sufficient capacity to produce hot water for 60 bedrooms. The water is stored at 60°C in three 300 l tanks and delivered through thermostatic mixing valves at the point of use. If one system fails, the remaining two have sufficient capacity for the home’s needs. The panels each measure 2 x 4 m and are installed on south-facing roof at an angle of 40°. The system was specified by Bennett Chartered Surveyors Architects for Carefore Homes after discussing the options of solar panels and ground-source heat pumps; the solar option offered a better payback. The Regusol EL 130 station comprises a digital controller, pump circuit and isolating and safety devices. To simplify installation, all components are assembled into a unit that is tested for leaks and insulated.
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