SeaChange controls show their capabilities for Cornwall council

Gas costs alone have been reduced by £14 000 a year following the installation of SeaChange controls at the civic offices of Restormel Borough Council.
Following the success of SeaChange controls in its civic offices, Restormel Borough Council in Cornwall decided to install the same modular system in its Newquay Sports Centre, Newquay Water World and Polkyth Leisure Centre. Martyn Perrow, corporate energy manager, says, ‘We have saved about £14 000 a year on gas alone in the first year from installation at the civic offices, corresponding to carbon emissions being reduced by about 130 t.’ Simon Whittaker, sales director with TESA (Western), which carried out the work, explained. ‘As the SeaChange is a modular control system, each module is application specific, with preconfigured strategies avoiding the need for in-depth programming costs. ‘Each control module connected to a zone controller provides optimum start/stop for AHUs, boiler hot-water services etc. — adding even more energy savings and helping to keep the space at the correct set point.’ Being able to adjust times and temperatures remotely means the correct temperature set points can be lowered or raised as appropriate to ease staff at the civic centre into working under more finely controlled conditions. Martyn Perrow summarised, ‘Operation of the system is straightforward, and information is displayed in a logical manner. Being user friendly means we are not afraid to use the system to its full potential.’
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