Productivity of M&E contractors continues to rise

The productivity of M&E contractors has risen for the fourth year running to nearly 10% up on 2003. The latest mean score for value-added productivity is £54 100. Contractors with fewer than 60 staff have boosted their productivity by 75% since 2000. The value added per M&E operative in the recently published Key Performance Indicators is £52 522. The productivity rise for larger contractors since 2000 is 44%, taking the value added per employee to £59 530. The gap between large and small companies is closing fast. Larger companies were nearly 38% more productive in 2000. The latest figures, for 2004, show just a 13.3% margin. This year’s KPIs show encouraging improvements in a number of areas. 17 aspects of client satisfaction with service increased compared with 2003. The highest client-satisfaction score is calibre of site people. 64% of clients gave a score of eight or more out of 10 (eight being considered a good outcome). This success could be linked with training, which increased from an average of 4.1 to 5.1 days per member of staff. Such internal improvements impact on other headline KPIs, such as productivity. To help contractors understand the importance that benchmarking can have on improving many aspects of business, BSRIA offers a free wallchart of the 10 headline KPIs for M&E contractors. More detailed analysis, including guidance on interpreting and using KPIs, is available in the KPI handbook from BSRIA. A free copy of the wallchart can be obtained by e-mailing (
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