Inverter-controlled air conditioning boosts part-load performance

As part of its continuing introduction of inverter technology, Carrier has launched its XPower split-system range of inverter-controlled air-conditioning equipment for shops, offices, studios, restaurants and other light-commercial applications. The XPower light-commercial split-system heat-pump range can provide up to 13.5 kW of cooling and up to 15 kW of heating from four model sizes. The inverter-controlled outdoor units are said to use up to 40% less energy than conventional fixed-speed units. Patented hybrid DC inverter technology controls all aspects of the compressor’s operation to achieve very efficient operation at low speed. The outdoor unit uses a twin rotary compressor with a brushless DC motor. The refrigerant is R410A. Only a single-phase power supply is required, and there are no peaks in running current absorption. XPower includes the full range of styles of Carrier’s European-look indoor units — hi-walls, ducted units, consoles and small and large cassettes. To achieve high standards of indoor air quality, indoor units have a high-efficiency air-purification system based on titanium-dioxide photo-catalytic technology that removes all pollutants down to 0.01 µm in diameter. Ducted models can combine a high-efficiency fibre filter with photo-catalytic oxidation and ultra-violet technologies. The air purifier traps odours, bacteria, and volatile and evil-smelling organic compounds — turning them into inoffensive substances.
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