Recupopak is designed for year-round performance

Ventilation, energy recovery and heat-pump heating/cooling are all contained in Thermal Technology’s range of Recupopak units.
Thermal Technology’s Recupopak range of ventilation/heat-recovery units is based on a single section containing fans, filters, energy recovery and heat-pump circuit to provide heating and cooling. The heat pump uses low-noise scroll compressors and heats or cools incoming fresh air according to the season. These stand-alone units do not require an external air-cooled condenser. There are five sizes with air flows from 210 to 920 l/s and cooling capacities from 5.5 to 19.7 kW. They are designed for installing in ceiling voids and come complete with built-in control panel and unit-mounted fan-speed controllers. Recupopak units are said to be suited for bars, restaurants, offices and meeting rooms.
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