Gas-detection range offers flexibility

Sontay has introduced two ranges of gas detectors to provide systems integrators with the choice of a networked gas-leakage alarm system or stand-alone operation. The GL-TX32 system comprises a centralised display panel capable of monitoring up to 32 different sensors simultaneously, covering any combination of gas types. Sensors can be daisy-chained on a single Cat 5 bus system cable. All sensors are powered and set from the master unit. Each sensor can be programmed with one of two alarm levels, and the unit can remember 256 alarm event. Gases such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, refrigerants, and natural gas can be monitored. The new range also includes stand-alone relay-output gas sensors that can be used to provide alarm indication to a BMS or to switch plant equipment. The stand-alone gas sensors can detect a wide variety of gases, such as refrigerants, methane, LPG and ammonia. Each sensor is micro-processor controlled for accurate measurement and optimum reliability. They have factory-set alarm thresholds, a choice of two alarm levels and an audible alarm.
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