NG Bailey acclaims Ability’s fan-coil-unit technology

Receiving Ability Project’s sustainability award at NG Bailey’s national supplier conference is area manager Gordon Walker (left) from Martin Bailey.
Ability Projects has won NG Bailey’s sustainability award for 2007 at its recent national-supplier conference in Leeds. The award was for the EC Matrix modular and electronically balancing fan-coil system for air conditioning. An increasing number of projects are being specified around this concept, particularly from design-and-build contractors. Since its launch just over a year ago, a new BMS controller integral with the Matrix fan-coil unit has been developed to enable the electronic balancing feature to be accessed through any BMS. This controller is BACNet compliant and supplied by Ability prewired to the FCU. It provides all the usual features of modulating valve control, on and off coil temperature sensing, and can also control the speed of each fan in an FCU individually and independently. Each duct run thus received exactly the air volume it requires through control of fan speed rather than volume-control dampers. Benefits of this approach include eliminating damper-based regenerated noise and avoiding the additional loads being imposed by volume-control dampers.
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