You should have seen the one that got away...

Getting out of the office more often are (from left) Brian Taylor and Jason Kemp of Flakt Woods distributor SK (Sales) to catch catfish on the River Ebro in Spain, under the expert guidance of Gary Allen of Regency Angling.
Brian Taylor of national ventilation specialist SK (Sales) hauled in a catfish of 132 lb when Flakt Woods took four staff from two key distributors to chase the massive catfish on the River Ebro in Spain. Everyone landed fish topping a hundred pounds, with Jason Kemp of SK landing 120 lb, and Gary Mortlock and Graham Slade of J. A. Glover in Chatham landing 112 and 102 lb, respectively. Robert Dann, sales manager with Flakt Woods, landed 130 lb. The trip was arranged with Gary Allen of Regency Angling, based in Mequininenza, Spain, who has appeared on several of John Wilson’s television shows filed on the River Ebro.

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