Humidifier cylinders designed to resist damage

Humidifer cylinder
Resistant to severe handling and with long-lasting electrodes – humidifier cylinders for ElectroVap MC humidifiers from JS Humidifiers.
A humidifier cylinder that can withstand severe handling and mistreatment has been introduced by JS Humidifiers for its range of electrode boiler humidifiers. The ElectroVap MC is made from a new type of high-density prolypropylene to resist damage. These cylinders for electrode boiler humidifiers also have solid stainless-steel electrodes that are much more durable than steel-mesh electrodes, giving a much longer service life. Cylinders are totally recyclable, and the plastic from which they are made is fire-proof. The ElectroVap MC range of humidifiers into which these cylinders are fitted is suitable for air-handling units and direct air use. sales@jshumidifiers
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