Electricians go south

Taking a break from testing and inspecting all fixed electrical systems at the Rothera Research Station of the British Antarctic Survey are Jason Faulkner (left) and Asa Downing, two electricians from the Ipswich branch of Inviron Building Systems. The 10-week schedule is extensive and includes laboratories, accommodation, dining areas, the control tower, fuel depot and aircraft hangars. Most of the work is indoors, but they have had to venture into the frozen wilderness to work on circuits for the satellites, fuel depot and aquarium containers. Jason Faulkner tells us, ‘We are really enjoying the experience of working out here and have been lucky enough to go on boat trips around the surrounding islands and the gigantic icebergs. ‘We have completed our field training, which meant staying out in a tent for a night, as well as learning how to travel over highly creviced glaciers. We have also seen some amazing wildlife, particularly the spectacular sight of whales in their natural environment.’
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