Cased fans deliver higher pressures

Capable of generating much higher pressures than conventional long-cased axial fans are Vent-Axia TurboProp units.
70% more pressure in the same space as conventional axial fans is achieved by Vent-Axia’s TurboProp long-cased axial fans for installing into ductwork. A TurboProp unit incorporates a pair of matched external-rotor motors mounted co-axially within a single casing of conventional proportions. These fans can replace existing fans which need to be replaced or upgraded to boost the performance of existing systems. Examples include commercial kitchens and COSHH ventilation systems. TurboProp fans are available in diameters of 450, 500 and 630 mm with case lengths of 375 and 520 mm. They can develop useful working pressures of up to 800 pa and deliver up to 6440 m3/h.
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