All change at Colchester Barracks

Ambirad, radiant heating
AmbiRad radiant heating has provided an economical solution for heating large workshops and stores at Colchester Barracks.
As part of the renewal of heating systems in the 152 buildings that make up Colchester Barracks, AmbiRad radiant heating has been installed in the large workshops and stores. This extensive 10-year PFI project, executed by the RMPA Consortium of Robert McAlpine, WS Atkins and Sodexho, encompasses the complete rebuild of 80% of the buildings and refurbishment of the rest. The barracks serves the professional, social and pastoral needs of around 5000 people, including the soldiers of 2 and 3 Parachute regiments and 13 Royal Logistics. The large-space workshops and stores serve different purposes, depending on which regiment occupies them. They vary in size from 600 to 2700 m2, and each building has an independent heating system. In the first phase of the project, around 40 AR radiant-tube heaters in herring-cone configuration have been installed to maintain temperatures of 13 to 15°C. In some areas where radiant heating is not appropriate, AmbiRad warm-air heating has been installed. The radiant systems are designed to shut off when loading-bay doors are open. Pat McBrien of WS Atkins Design & Engineering Solutions explains, ‘Radiant was selected because it covers space effectively and achieves the required temperatures quickly. It meets the specification for a highly economical heating solution for the site.’ All heating in the individual buildings can be controlled at the point of use and reports to a centralised building-management system.’
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